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Video call with a lawyer
Published on: 31 August 2020

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With the advance of online professional services, it is now possible to call on our law firm by telematic means. More and more people are making this type of online legal video consultations from their homes or offices, an option that has long been an option to be taken into account, and even more so in these times.

Why make a video call with a lawyer?

After health services, legal consultations via the internet are one of the most in-demand in the world.

Among the reasons that justify it, we can find the following:

  • Reduce the cost of money and time spent on physical travel.
  • It is usually a modality with more affordable fees.
  • Quick response times, without delay of professional legal assistance.
  • When there is difficulty in getting around, for example, due to disability.
  • When decisions have to be made and actions taken without delay.

If there is a risk of being left in a situation of defencelessness, loss of assets, instability or lack of knowledge of rights, to name but a few cases, it is important to turn quickly to a legal professional, and doing so online is an effective alternative.

Currently, we offer the service of legal video consultation through various platforms, so it is possible to hold a video conference with one of our specialist lawyers in an easy, convenient and timely manner. You will not have to leave your daily tasks to come to our offices. Request an online appointment for your video consultation. You can have your first legal video consultation for only €80.

Which cases merit online video consultation?

The situation generated by Covid-19 has highlighted the importance of professional services in remote mode. A video call with a lawyer has become a vital service for all those people who face the need to resort to legal advice to resolve doubts, clarify their employment, judicial, family or even migratory status in times of pandemic.

It also makes it easier to find out about the actions they can take on problems that concern them, whether they are urgent or not.

These are some of the cases in which you may need to make an online consultation with a lawyer:

Signing of temporary contracts:

The online consultation can clarify doubts about the duration of temporary contracts to replace holidays, sick leave, leave of absence or hiring for specific works. It can also help you to register your rights as a worker and make claims through ordinary legal channels, learn about the rights of temporary workers, etc.

Doubts about incapacity for work:

In situations of declaration of permanent or partial incapacity, or in other degrees contemplated by the Social Security authorities, a consultation with an online lawyer helps to speed up these procedures that are often delayed in higher judicial instances. We will explain the legal options available to you and facilitate the necessary procedures.


Non-voluntary termination of the relationship with a worker has certain timelines for making claims. Upon receiving a letter of dismissal, once the worker signs the letter as "received and not in agreement", the next step is to seek immediate advice from a labour lawyer and not waste time. An arbitration process can be initiated, without having to go to court, through which you will be able to claim your severance pay or settlement when it is due.

Pension and retirement claims:

If the person is in time to claim the pension or is unsure of what procedures and requirements to comply with, an online consultation with one of our specialist lawyers will be of great help.

Wage claims:

In cases where the company or a worker owes wages, a labour lawyer can provide the necessary advice on the steps to take to settle this debt on the best terms.

Harassment at work or mobbing:

This harassment in the workplace can involve psychological violence, intimidation, harassment by people in hierarchical positions, colleagues of the same rank or of a lower rank. A counselling service clarifies the current legislation.

Divorce or separation:

It is advisable for couples or individuals who need to initiate divorce or separation proceedings, or are considering doing so, to consult the legal steps, repercussions and actions to safeguard their interests.

Child pensions:

Also in the case of separations, divorces or claims, it is now possible for a lawyer specialising in family matters to give legal guidance remotely on obligations, amounts, agreements, actions, judgments and other details of food, clothing, housing and child support.

Other reasons for requesting a video call to a lawyer may be:

  • Cases of foreign citizens, nationality procedures, temporary residency, work or study permits, etc.
  • Inheritance claims, creation of wills, execution and interpretation of such documents.
  • Explanation of legal documents to clarify specific situations.
  • Criminal problems or prevention of punitive situations.
  • Claims for services.

How do you request a video legal consultation?

From our website click here to request a video call with a specialised lawyer and fill in the form to book an appointment online. You have two options, both of which require you to provide the following information:

  1. For an online consultation: this is if you prefer to be advised and contacted, without a video call. On our website, when you display this "online consultation" option (yellow button), fill in the online form with your name, phone number, email address and the issue you want to discuss. Accept the terms and send.
  2. For a video consultation: if you prefer a virtual face-to-face consultation with a lawyer from the firm to discuss your case, place your cursor on the yellow "video consultation" button and add:
  • Your details: name, email and phone number
  • Select the method of contact: Cisco Webex, Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp
  • Indicate the date you would like your video-consultation to take place
  • Choose your preferred time (morning or afternoon)
  • Make a summary of the topic you would like to discussv
  • Accept the privacy terms and submit the form.
  • Afterwards, you will receive a notification to complete the process and make the payment with your credit card. The first video consultation costs 80 euros.

In less than 24 hours, one of our lawyers will be calling you to make an appointment.

Your case cannot wait and is urgent? For any legal question, our law firm maintains the active number 915711787 and, due to the Covid-19 alarm, the emergency number 62015151515.

In conclusion, there are many situations that today you can solve in an agile and practical way through online video consultation with us. Generally, we resolve or clarify doubts about urgent problems and facilitate decision making. In this way we bring peace of mind to our clients. We understand that this type of consultation must be answered quickly. This is precisely what we offer.

You can request your consultation here and agree on the method of communication between client and lawyer that best suits your case.

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With our online appointment system you will have immediate advice without the need for face-to-face visits or travel.

One of our lawyers specialized in your area of interest will contact you to formalize an appointment and make your consultation by video call.

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