Our Law Firm has Lawyers specialised in each area of Law who will be able to advise you on any legal matter in which you require a Lawyer specialised in the field.

We have civil, labor, criminal, commercial, business and family lawyers who will guarantee legal success in any matter that you may entrust to us.

Do you know which law each lawyer specialises in?

A civil lawyer is an expert in civil law, an area of law that deals with legal proceedings related to property, contracts, leases, sales and purchases, and civil lawsuits.

Corporate lawyers are experts in the areas of law related to the management of companies, covering areas of labor, commercial, civil, administrative and, in the most serious cases and matters, criminal law..

Family lawyers are specialists in all types of matters related to family relationships and disputes. The most common situations faced by our lawyers are related to inheritances and divorces as well as the relationships that are established after the dissolution of marriage when the couple has children such as parental authority, guardianship, conservatorship, guardianship and the establishment of alimony.

Family Lawyers

A commercial lawyer is an expert in Commercial Law and is also a specialist in Corporate Law. Commercial lawyers are therefore the right ones to advise companies and enterprises in incorporations or dissolutions as well as in the drafting of commercial contracts, they are also experts in defense when socio-economic crimes occur in the field of business.

Criminal lawyers are lawyers who are experts in the defense and prosecution within the criminal jurisdiction. Criminal law is generally a particularly complex area of specialization for the lawyer in that sentences may involve the deprivation of liberty of a person convicted in a trial.

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