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Specialists in assisting in assaults, injuries, homicide.

Coercion, threats, kidnapping, illegal detention.

Criminal Lawyers. Defense and prosecution in proceedings against sexual freedom.

Libel, Slander. Specialised lawyers.

Hurtos, robos, extorsión, defraudaciones, estafas, apropiación indebida, insolvencias, daños.

Offences for infringement of labour regulations. Maximum compensation.

Criminal lawyers specialising in drugs and narcotics.

Lawyers who are experts in legal advice and legal assistance at trial due to a drink-driving offence.

Private and public documents. Usurpations.

Advice and defence in family criminal cases.

Assistance in minor offences.

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G.Elías y Muñoz Lawyers. Criminal Law Firm

G.Elías y Muñoz Lawyers is a Criminal Law Firm specialized in Criminal Law and, therefore, we are able to look after your interests no matter what they are. If you have to face any criminal trial with the purpose of obtaining what you are really entitled to, you can rest assured that you have come to the right place. You only have to leave it in the hands of our criminal lawyers and they will do everything necessary to win the lawsuit or defend your interests.

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Criminal law in madrid

The best criminal defense by criminal lawyers for your case.

There are many reasons why, at any given time, you may be forced to face a criminal proceeding of any kind. And it is that the commission of certain crimes typified as such within the Criminal Law contemplates it. These, in most cases, will make you face prison sentences of greater or lesser severity and the loss of your assets. This is the reason why you should count on a team of criminal lawyers in Madrid to provide you with the advice you need and to defend you.

We are a criminal law firm specialized in criminal law.

If you are looking for a criminal lawyer in Madrid, our professionals specializing in Criminal Law offer a quick and efficient response in matters such as trials, misdemeanors, appeals, alcoholism and all kinds of crimes. We can help you in matters such as:

  • Specialized Criminal Lawyers.
  • Representation and defense in all kinds of trials in Madrid and all Spain.
  • Misdemeanor trials
  • Economic crimes: misappropriation, fraud, falsehoods, corporate crimes, money laundering, punishable insolvency, forgery, etc.
  • Crimes against the person: injuries, homicide, murder, etc.
  • Abuse.
  • Gender violence.
  • Traffic offenses: drunk driving, speeding, driving without a license, disobedience to authority, reckless driving and omission of the duty to render aid.
  • Crimes against patrimony: robbery, theft, receiving, damages, fraud, etc.
  • Crimes against public health: drug trafficking.
  • Administrative and political crimes: bribery, prevarication, urban planning, influence peddling, embezzlement, fraud, prohibited negotiations, corruption and infidelity in the custody of documents.
  • Crimes against public finances: tax offenses.
  • Crimes of domestic violence.
  • Crimes against the environment and urban planning: against land use planning.
  • Crimes against freedom: illegal detention, kidnapping, threats, coercion, torture and against moral integrity.
  • Crimes against honor: slander and libel.
  • Crimes against social security and workers' rights.
  • Crimes against sexual freedom: sexual aggression, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, etc.
  • Crimes against privacy: discovery and disclosure of secrets, breaking and entering.
  • Crimes against family rights and duties: abandonment of the family, non-payment of pensions, child abduction, etc.
  • Crimes against intellectual and industrial property.
  • Crimes against foreigners.
  • Crimes against historical heritage.
  • Crimes of arson.
  • Crimes against the administration of justice: prevarication, concealment, false accusations and accusations, simulation of crimes, false testimony, obstruction of justice, professional disloyalty, breach of sentence.
  • Crimes against the Constitution: against the institutions of the State, against fundamental rights and public liberties, committed by civil servants.
  • Crimes against public order: attacks against authority, resistance and disobedience, possession, trafficking and storage of weapons.
  • Other crimes: usurpation of civil status, public functions, intrusion.
  • Any other crime.
  • Defense in criminal trials.
  • Defense in jury trials.
  • Defense in juvenile trials.
  • Assistance to the detainee before the police and in court.
  • Criminal prosecution: complaints and lawsuits.
  • Private accusation and popular accusation.
  • Request for provisional freedom.
  • Request for pardons.
  • Request for the third degree penitentiary.
  • Request for parole.
  • Attendance before Courts: Courts of Instruction, Criminal Courts, Provincial Courts, High Courts of Justice, Jury Court, National Court, Supreme Court and Constitutional Court.

Obtain specialized advice from our criminal lawyers in Madrid or in any of our offices in the Community.

Where do we work and where will we serve you?

Our Law Firm provides services with Criminal Lawyers in Madrid and the Community of Madrid and we also act throughout Spain.

Our specialized lawyers will be able to advise and help you in any matter related to Criminal Law.

For a correct advice we have a central office in Madrid, as well as delegations in Pozuelo de Alarcón, Majadahonda and Villalba.

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You should call us whenever you need our services, but you have to keep in mind that in Criminal Law there are very short procedural deadlines. Therefore, do not delay your consultation and call us.

How to contact us?

The best way is to call us at the following telephone numbers:

915 71 17 87 and 620 151 515.

Or if you wish you can send us an email to

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How long will you give me an appointment?

We will give you an appointment in less than 24 hours. This is a guarantee that only our criminal law firm in Madrid can offer you. In addition, once you are attended by one of them in Criminal Law, they will not need more than 72 hours to provide you with the answer you are looking for in the event that it cannot be given to you in the face-to-face appointment. From there, these lawyers Criminal Law Madrid will proceed to outline a strategy by which to defend your interests in any trial or litigation.

Keep in mind that you will always be part of the process and, based on our advice, you will be responsible for making the most important decisions.

How much will it cost me?

Our services are always paid and we will take into account the complexity of each case when establishing them. We have the possibility of financing your procedure. Contact us.

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Remember that Despacho G.Elias y Muñoz Abogados has expert criminal lawyers in Madrid and the Community of Madrid who will advise you on any matter related to criminal law.

Contact us, and we will give you an appointment in our offices in Madrid and Community of Madrid in Pozuelo; Villalba or Majadahonda.

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