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► Drafting and advising on leasing, purchase and sale contracts, purchase option,
► Advice on purchase and sale transactions
► Assistance in leases
► Eviction lawsuits...

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Our lawyers specialized in real estate law will provide you with more information on:

We offer our professional services in all matters of real estate law.

We advise you on the legal proceedings that may arise in claiming or defending your rights.

Specialists in matters related to eviction trials in Madrid and the rest of Spain.

A lease is a bilateral contract whereby one party undertakes to give the other party the enjoyment or use of a thing for a certain period of time and a certain price.

Specialised in advising on the purchase and sale of real estate and real estate properties.

Advice on inheritance where real estate exists

Lawyers specialising in Communities of Owners

Lawyers specialising in Floor Clause Claims

No one is obliged to remain in co-ownership. Specialist lawyers.

Specialists in the recovery of real estate-related debts

The nullity of the capital gains tax is presented to the municipalities in the transfer of real estate due to economic differences.

Specialised in advising real estate companies.

Our lawyers, experts in real estate law, will help you with your auction.

Who are we?

G.Elías y Muñoz Lawyers. Law Firm specialized in Real Estate Law.

G.Elías y Muñoz Lawyers is a Law Firm specialized in Real Estate Law and, therefore, we are able to look after your interests no matter what they may be.

Real Estate Law in Madrid

Specialists in Real Estate Law in Madrid for Individuals or Businesses

If you are an individual or a company and you have to face any legal dispute with the purpose of obtaining what really corresponds to you, you can be calm and have the certainty that you have come to the right place. You only have to leave it in the hands of our expert lawyers in Real Estate Law and they will take care of everything necessary for you to win the lawsuit or defend your interests.

Law Firm specializing in Real Estate Transactions

The real estate lawyers of G. Elías y Muñoz Abogados, operating in Madrid, have extensive knowledge in eviction trials and other urban matters related to leases, sales and purchases, etc.

  • Drafting and advising on leasing, purchase and sale contracts, purchase option,
  • Assistance in leases
  • Claim of debts and non-payments
  • Advice on urban planning matters, compensation board, expropriations...
  • Quantity claims
  • Advice on purchase and sale transactions
  • Judicial Proceedings
  • Eviction lawsuits
  • Assistance to Notaries
  • Drafting of earnest money and down payment contracts
  • Extinction of pro indivisos

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Where do we work and where will we serve you?

Our Law Firm provides services with Lawyers experts in Real Estate Law in Madrid and Community of Madrid and also we act in all Spain.

Our specialized lawyers will be able to advise and help you in any matter related to Real Estate Law or related to real estate issues.

In order to provide you with a correct advice we have a central office in Madrid, as well as delegations in Pozuelo de Alarcón, Majadahonda and Villalba.

When should I call you?

You should call us whenever you need our services, but you have to keep in mind that any legal matter must be solved as soon as possible. In the cases of procedural demands there are peremptory deadlines. Therefore, do not delay your consultation and call us.

How to contact us?

The best way is to call us at the following telephone numbers:
915 71 17 87 and 620 151 515.

You can also send us a message from our Chat or a Whatsapp

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Lawyers Real Estate Law in Madrid

How soon can I expect to be seen?

We will give you an appointment in less than 24 hours!

This is a guarantee that only our Real Estate Law Firm in Madrid can offer you.

In addition, once you are attended by one of them in Real Estate Law, they will not need more than 72 hours to give you the answer you are looking for in the event that it cannot be given to you in the face-to-face appointment. From there on, these lawyers in Real Estate Law Madrid will proceed to outline a strategy by which to defend your interests in any trial or litigation. Keep in mind that you will always be part of the process and, based on our advice, will be responsible for making the most important decisions.

How much will it cost me?

Our services are always remunerated. For this reason, we usually establish a minimum initial amount in concept of fixed fees that will remunerate our work and a variable percentage that will depend on the procedural moment in which the amount is obtained. In certain cases we can accept to fix the fees based on a percentage of the amount obtained.

We also offer the possibility of financing the procedure.

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Our Law Firm has specialized Lawyers in Madrid and Community of Madrid that will be able to advise and help you in any question related to Real Estate Law.

Call us and make an appointment in our offices in Madrid, Pozuelo; Villalba or Majadahonda where our lawyers will assist you.

Trust in our Lawyers specialized in Real Estate Law.

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