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► Contractual and non-contractual liability
► Claim of unpaid debts and debts
► Urban and rural leases
► Evictions and quantity claims
► Contractual and extra-contractual civil liability
► Inheritance and successions

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Our lawyers specialized in civil law will provide you with more information.

Civil lawyers specialising in property law and rights in rem.

Advice on leases and related matters. Evictions, non-payment of rent.

Claims for compensation arising from civil liability.

The passage of time generates or causes the loss of rights.

Asesoramiento en contratos de préstamos y reclamación de los mismos.

Civil advice on personal law.

No one is obliged to remain in co-ownership. Specialist lawyers.

Who are we?

G.Elías y Muñoz Lawyers

Law Firm specialized in Civil Law

G. Elias y Muñoz Abogados has been providing Civil Law services for more than 25 years. Our Civil Lawyers in Madrid are specialists, mainly in Civil Law and, therefore, can provide you with the attention and advice you need when resolving any issue related to your Civil Law, which includes common matters such as those related to family, contracts, lawsuits or your assets. In this sense, we have a wide and extensive experience working with the Courts of Justice of Madrid, Community of Madrid and the rest of Spain. Without a doubt, our lawyers in Civil Law Madrid will know how to handle your claim.

Consult us in our Law Firm. We are specialists in all matters related to Civil Law.

Civil Law: What is it?

How can we help you?
Civil Law Madrid

Civil Law is the private law in general and it includes many aspects of human relations; it regulates all those issues for which there is no special law, it deals with all those issues related to contracts, claims, family law, status of persons, private interests and many others.

Ask for advice from our civil law lawyers for all types of procedures in Madrid: drafting of documents, claims for unpaid debts, compensation, evictions, contracts and other legal matters.

Our team of civil law lawyers in Madrid is specialized in all types of claims that may affect you or your family. In this sense, our specialists in civil law will take care of defending your interests when claiming or facing a claim for damages that entails the payment of compensation. Likewise, our lawyers in Civil Law Madrid can deal with cases of medical malpractice, which have to be claimed through the courts, and confrontations for inheritance and succession. In any case, our experts in Civil Law always look after the interests of your family.

Your tenant has stopped paying rent and wants to evict you from your home? Our lawyers in Madrid can also be of help. In this sense, always within the framework determined by the Civil Law of Madrid, they are able to offer legal advice on leases, answering eviction lawsuits and requests for abandonment of housing. All of this, of course, with the utmost respect and professionalism, values that our civil law lawyers in Madrid are known for.

Our civil law lawyers will also defend your interests in the field of Family Law in matters such as Divorces, Separations, Custody, Alimony, Shared Custody, Regulatory Agreements and a large number of matters related to Civil Law.

On the other hand, our lawyers in Madrid can also offer you the legal defense you need before any type of civil liability claim. Likewise, our experts in Civil Law will explain what to do in case there has been a breach of any contract you have signed or, failing that, of any demonstrable verbal agreement you have reached. On the other hand, our team of lawyers in Civil Law Madrid is also prepared to file claims against insurance companies, which will allow you to ensure the best conditions for the members of your family.

On the other hand, within the field of Civil Law, our lawyers Madrid are also specialists in the Horizontal Property Law and, therefore, they can provide you with the legal assistance and advice you need regarding everything related to the community of owners in which you reside. On the other hand, you and your family may also be interested in our services of drafting and study of contracts, as well as those of quantity claims. This is related to all those debts that are claimed in Madrid or that you want to request before your company.

Attorneys Specializing in Civil Law

Don't forget, our Civil Law Attorneys will be able to advise you on the following matters:

  • Legal assistance in all types of civil proceedings before civil courts and tribunals.
  • Claim of unpaid debts and debts
  • Bankruptcy of creditors
  • Indemnifications
  • Contractual and extra-contractual civil liability
  • Drafting and review of all types of contracts
  • Real estate purchases and sales and real estate companies
  • Claims for construction defects
  • Assistance to Notaries
  • Incorporation of companies and related operations
  • Urban and rural leases
  • Evictions and quantity claims
  • Inheritance and successions
  • Family, marriage and minors
  • Appointment of Legal Defender
  • Contractual and extra-contractual civil liability

Where do we work and where will we serve you?

Our Law Firm provides services with Lawyers specialized in Civil Law in Madrid and Community of Madrid and we also act in all Spain.

Our specialized lawyers will be able to advise and help you in any matter related to Civil Law.

For a correct advice we have a central office in Madrid, as well as delegations in Pozuelo de Alarcón, Majadahonda and Villalba.

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When should I call you?

You should call us whenever you need our services, but you have to keep in mind that in Civil and Procedural Law, there are deadlines to answer demands and requirements that can be very short. So do not delay your consultation and call us.

How to contact us?

The best way is to call us at the following telephone numbers:
915 71 17 87 and 620 151 515.

Or if you wish you can send us an email to

Civil Law

How soon can I expect to be seen?

We will give you an appointment in less than 24 hours, even depending on availability on the same day.

This is a guarantee that only our civil law firm in Madrid can offer you. Furthermore, once you are attended by one of them in Civil Law matters, they will not need more than 72 hours to provide you with the answer you are looking for in the event that they cannot give you the answer you are looking for in the face-to-face appointment. From there, these lawyers in Civil Law Madrid will proceed to outline a strategy by which to defend your interests in any trial or litigation.

Keep in mind that you will always be part of the process and, based on our advice, you will be responsible for making the most important decisions.

How much will it cost me?

Our services are always remunerated. For this reason, we usually establish a small amount in concept of fixed fees that will remunerate our work and a variable percentage that will depend on the procedural moment in which the amount is obtained. In certain cases we can accept to fix the fees based on a percentage of the amount obtained.

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Remember that Despacho G.Elías y Muñoz Abogados has expert civil lawyers in Madrid and the Community of Madrid who will advise you on any matter related to Civil Law.

Contact us, and we will give you an appointment in our offices in Madrid and Community of Madrid in Pozuelo; Villalba or Majadahonda.

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