Legal Services Judicial Proceedings

Our lawyers specialized in legal proceedings will provide you with more information:

Professional services in civil court proceedings in defence of your interests.

Our team of lawyers specialised in the handling of labour court procedures

Our team of lawyers specialising in the handling of criminal court proceedings

Lawyers specialising in the handling of contentious-administrative court proceedings

Lawyers specialized in Judicial Proceedings and Representation in Court

In our firm you will find a trial defense lawyer with the experience and determination required for the effective performance in all types of legal proceedings in Madrid.

  • Our Firm will represent you before the Courts and Tribunals taking care of everything necessary for your defense.
  • Claims of quantity
  • Civil Jurisdiction: Ordinary Lawsuits, Exchange Judgment, Summary Judgment, Ordinary Judgment.
  • Criminal Jurisdiction: Abbreviated Procedure, Summary Proceedings, Speedy Trials.
  • Labor Trials: Dismissal, Ordinary, Rights
  • Contentious-Administrative Proceedings: Ordinary, Summary Proceedings

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