Labour Proceedings

Our team of lawyers specialised in the processing of labour legal proceedings, who will be able to offer you our professional services in any labour legal proceedings that you may have to bring in defence of your interests.

If you wish, in addition to being attended in our Law Firm in Madrid, we offer you the possibility of being attended by our Labour Lawyers in our offices in Pozuelo de Alarcón and Majadahonda.

In our labour proceedings it may be necessary to initiate labour proceedings for any of the following reasons:
  • a) Dismissal
  • b) Proceedings for claiming back wages in dismissal proceedings.
  • c) Challenging sanctions
  • d) Holidays
  • e) Professional classification
  • f) Geographical mobility and substantial modifications of working conditions.
  • g) Proceedings for the exercise of rights to reconcile work and family life.
  • h) Proceedings in electoral matters
  • i) Collective disputes
  • j) Proceedings challenging collective agreements or amendments thereto
  • k) Challenges to administrative decisions refusing the deposit of collective agreements or amendments thereto
  • l) Challenges to the statutes of trade unions
  • m) Proceedings in social security matters
  • n) ex officio proceedings
  • o) Protection of fundamental rights
Labour Procedures