Coronavirus Crisis Has Your Business Been Affected?

Do you want to avoid liability as Administrator?

Remember that in cases in which any of the causes for dissolution are present, the directors are obliged to:

1. Call a general meeting within two months to adopt, where appropriate, a resolution to dissolve the company.

This call must also be made in the event of a request from any shareholder who considers that there is legitimate cause for dissolution.

2. Request the judicial dissolution of the company if the corporate resolution:

The non-compliance of the administrators and their consequent liability occurs if the cause for dissolution subsists for more than two months without them having called the general meeting that is to agree the dissolution.

  • cannot be achieved;
  • or is contrary to the dissolution, or to the removal of the cause that determines it,

Company in cause of dissolution: state of alarm

Remember that as a result of the declaration of the state of alarm to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the two-month period for administrators to call a meeting in the event that the company is in a state of dissolution is suspended for the duration of the state of alarm.

However, once this period has elapsed, it is your obligation to present it.

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