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Are you going to buy or sell a property or real estate?

Have you checked the status of charges and urban situation?

It is important that a lawyer specialising in real estate law advises you.

Do you need to prepare the earnest money contract?

Do you know that penitential arras are not the same as confirmatory arras?

There are many things to consider when transferring and buying and selling real estate.

Some types of sale and purchase contracts focus on the building aspect and place the emphasis on regulating the construction aspects of the property to ensure that the final product meets the buyer's needs as closely as possible.

This category includes contracts for the sale and purchase of real estate on a "turnkey" basis, and the sale and purchase of a marketed building.

A second group focuses on the financing aspect, both direct and indirect, with regard to the acquisition or the use and holding of real estate.

This category includes the sale and purchase of a marketed building with financing by the buyer and sale and purchase with subsequent leasing.

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Other modalities arise from the need to streamline marketing and contract completion procedures and to expedite the sale and purchase of large pools of assets. These parameters would be met:

  • electronic sales and purchases
  • sale by public auction
  • the sale of entire real estate portfolios consisting of several real estate assets or buildings
  • the sale and purchase of property companies.

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