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What is an accident at work?

An accident at work is understood to be any bodily injury that the worker suffers on the occasion of or as a consequence of the work he/she performs as an employee and, more broadly, work-related injuries are understood to be illnesses, pathologies or injuries suffered on the occasion of or as a result of work.

In order to be considered an accident at work, the following must be present: 

1. The existence of a bodily injury.  Injury means any damage or bodily harm caused by a wound, blow or illness. Psychological or psychological sequelae or illnesses are assimilated to bodily injury.

2. The status of the injured person as an employee (for self-employed worker see nº 796; and for TRADE nº 882).

3. The causal link between the work and the injury. The injury does not constitute an accident at work if it is not suffered on the occasion of or as a consequence of the work carried out as an employee.

4. Case law adds a fourth requirement by interpreting that the accident at work requires a double causal link: on the one hand the link between work and injury, and on the other hand between injury and disabling or protected situation.

What accidents are considered to be occupational accidents?

  • the one suffered at the place and during the time of work;
  • the death of a worker who is permanently incapacitated due to an occupational contingency; an accident occurring on the way to or from work (in itinere);
  • accidents on mission;
  • accidents occurring on the occasion of or as a result of work carried out on the orders of the employer or in the interests of the company;
  • common illnesses contracted in the course of work;
  • previous latent illnesses which are manifested or aggravated by the accident at work;
  • intercurrent illnesses, i.e. those resulting from pathological processes due to accidents at work;
  • other cases, such as those suffered by trade union officials, workers in rescue operations, those occurring during the performance of compulsory personal services or those of presidents or members of polling stations.

What should I do to make a claim?

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